Case Results

Acquittal on Felony Charge

Acquittal on Felony Charge - 9/4/2015

My client was charged with the felony offense of Fleeing an Officer and a misdemeanor offense of Obstructing an Officer. After a day long jury trial, the jury found my client not guilty on the felony charge. The client received a probationary sentence on the misdemeanor offense.

Probationary Sentence

Probationary Sentence - 8/13/2015

The client was charged in a major drug conspiracy case. He received a probationary sentence at the conclusion of the case.

Charge Dismissed

Charge Dismissed - 7/20/2015

My client was cited for Retail Theft. After my client complied with the terms of a Hold Open Agreement, the citation was dismissed by the Court.

Charges Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 7/20/2015

My client was originally charged with felony offense, some misdemeanor offenses and a citation. The case was resolved with a disposition on only 1 misdemeanor offense with a probationary sentence.

No Charges Filed

No Charges Filed - 6/8/2015

My client was being investigated for allegedly committing a federal offense. After a thorough review of the facts with the assigned federal prosecutor, no charges were filed in court.

Criminal Charge Amended

Criminal Charge Amended - 5/14/2015

My client was charged criminally with Disorderly Conduct. After my client complied with the terms of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, the criminal charge was amended to a County Ordinance violation of Disorderly Conduct with a fine of $100.00, plus costs.

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