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Cherella Law Launches New Website


Thank you for visiting the law offices of Christopher J. Cherella's new website. Cherella law focuses on Wisconsin criminal defense attorney cases, and Wisconsin Federal Criminal law cases. As time progresses we will update the resources section, supplying you with the quick-hitting facts that can help answer some of your legal questions. Cherella Law also features a blog. This blog will be filled with lots of advice for your guidence, however, by no means is meant as a representation of defense. Cases that have been closed will also appear on the upper right navigation of the website.

Cherella Law has over twenty years of experience in Criminal Cases. Cherella law is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has is a top Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney.

If you would like legal representation or to discuss your case, please give Cherella Law a call at 414.347.9334 or on Christopher J. Cherella's personal cell phone: 414.339.1899. We look forward to hearing from you.

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