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Federal charges are reserved for some of most serious of crimes. It is important if you are charged with a federal offense in either the Eastern District of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) or the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison) that you hire a Milwaukee federal defense attorney with experience in that forum.

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Attorney Cherella of the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella has years of experience working in the federal court system and has litigated hundreds of cases over the years. He understands federal law and procedure and has a good relationship with members of the court and its staff. If you are charged with a crime in federal court, it is important that you retain an attorney with his level of legal experience for help.

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Serious Federal Charges Require Serious Defense

The federal court system is very complex. Cases that are normally charged in federal court may be investigated for many years by one or more federal agencies. These agencies spend time, money, and energy putting together their cases for the United States Attorney's Office. Not only are the investigations in federal cases quite extensive, but conviction can lead to rather egregious results. Some crimes in the federal system have mandatory minimum sentences. With the right attorney, however, you could avoid these sentences.

Federal charges that we can defend include but are not limited to:

  • Federal appeals
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Mail fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Robbery
  • Child pornography distribution
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering

Attorney Christopher J. Cherella is extremely knowledgeable about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and will make certain that all avenues of relief are explored on behalf of his clients. He is a former prosecutor who knows how to navigate the federal court systems and to fight for the best possible outcome.

Get Aggressive, Hands-On Representation

If you or a loved one is facing federal criminal charges, or has received a federal Grand Jury Subpoena, you need the aggressive representation of a seasoned Milwaukee criminal defense attorney - one who has extensive trial experience and has earned the respect of clients and colleagues alike.

Attorney Cherella is a professional you can trust. He prides himself on offering more than 20 years of experience handling federal charges. He is a firm believer in keeping the lines of communications open with clients, while staying up-to-date on all of the latest federal sentencing guidelines, developments in the federal courts, and the most recent federal legislation. Each client benefits form his hands-on, assertive approach to criminal defense.

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