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Drug Sale Crimes

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Wisconsin police department officials are concerned with illegal drug use within the state, so much so that they go out of their way to arrest people for drug crimes and slam them with penalties. In particular, drug sale crimes are constantly on their radar, as it is believed that catching someone who sells drugs breaks the link between the common user and the manufacturer. What the police do not realize is that their zealous hunt for criminals can lead to excessive punishments for nonviolent crimes, or even the prosecution of someone who is innocent.

If you have been arrested and accused of selling illicit substances in Wisconsin, let Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher J. Cherella be the one to defend your rights. With 20+ years of proven legal experience and origins as a criminal prosecutor, he can provide you with the strength and insight needed to shut down the prosecution’s claims.

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Defenses for Drug Sale Crimes

If you are convicted for selling illegal drugs or controlled substances, even a scant amount, you could be facing felony charges. By definition, this means you will be sentenced to at least one year in jail and thousands in fines if convicted. To protect yourself from the heavy hand of the law, you will need a creative, effective defense from a lawyer you can trust.

Defenses that may be applicable to your case include:

  • Mistaken identity: Not many alleged drug deals are actually caught on camera. The police may go off word of mouth or what they thought they saw to get an arrest. Your identity must be tied to a drug deal without any reasonable doubt or a conviction is not justified.
  • Mistaken intent: Handing someone an illegal drug is not the same as selling them an illegal drug, and it comes with much less severe charges. If you have been positively identified to be someone involved with a drug crime, the prosecution must prove that it was a drug sale. By challenging them for burdens of proof, the prosecution’s entire argument may collapse.
  • Mistaken substance: Just as many alleged drug sales are not seen on camera, many alleged substances tied to a drug sale arrest are never actually recovered. Can the prosecution prove that you were selling an illicit substance and not something else entirely?

We Act Fast and Hit Hard

Exploiting the holes in the prosecution’s argument is easier the sooner we get to strike back. Retain our Milwaukee drug crimes attorney today to recruit a real fighter for your case’s defense. Our ultimate goal is to have your charges reduced as much as possible, right down to a total dismissal when possible.

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