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Fraud Crimes

Milwaukee White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney

Have you been accused of engaging in illegally fraudulent behavior? White collar crimes such as fraud may be nonviolent in nature but they are still some of the most heavily penalized criminal violations in Wisconsin’s books.

Penalties used in fraud convictions may include:

  • One or more years in prison
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Loss of company control
  • Destruction of reputation

With so much riding on the outcome of your case, you cannot afford to take chances and work with an inexperienced lawyer. When you want to know you have a strong legal representative standing between you and the criminal justice system of Wisconsin, you will want none other than the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella. Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorney has more than 20 years of experience with a deliberate focus on some of the state’s most complex and high-stakes cases.

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Fraud’s Open Definition & Defenses

The act of fraud is broadly defined as any deliberate act to deceive, mislead, or misinform another party in an attempt to collect funds or favors, typically without any act or threat of violence. This definition is clearly open for some interpretation, as it is meant to be. By keeping the legal statute somewhat vague, the criminal justice system can bring the charges against a greater number of potential offenders.

In order to defend yourself from fraud accusations, you must pay close attention to the details. Financial records, business dealings, email communications, and much more can come in handy when making your defense case. Your aim and the goal of your attorney will be to prove either that any alleged actions did not take place, or that the actions that did occur were entirely acceptable.

Second Set of Eyes on Your Case

With intricacies abound in a fraud accusation case, it is invaluable for you to be able to have a professional by your side when constructing and arguing your case. Retain the services of our Milwaukee criminal defense attorney today and you will can feel comforted in knowing that a highly-experienced litigator is there to guide you through this difficult time. Our goal is to have your charges completely dismissed or reduced in any way possible, so you can hopefully continue on your way and keep your reputation.

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