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Accused of Child Abuse?

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Child abuse and neglect are extremely serious crimes and an accusation alone can be enough to damage a person’s reputation. If you have been charged with domestic violence or child abuse, you may be facing an uphill battle and you need an attorney in your corner who understands the challenges ahead. Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorney has substantial experience defending the rights of the accused against even the most severe of charges. When your future and community standing are on the line, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella.

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Forms of Child Abuse

The laws regarding child abuse are built to defend children in legal gray areas which means that exaggerated claims, misremembered events, and false accusations may result in charges. The first step in overcoming accusations is to understand what the law may consider to be child abuse. Generally, any physical or emotional harm that is purposely or knowingly inflicted upon a child may be considered abuse. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged event, the failure to take action can also constitute abuse.

Types of child abuse can include:

  • Neglect: Acts of neglect refer to the failure of a parent to provide for the basic needs of a child. This can include acts such as withholding food, shelter, clothing, or medical care.
  • Sexual abuse: Often among the most severely charged, abuse of a sexual nature can include contact, exploitation, or exposure to sexual attention.
  • Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse can be difficult to quantify but typically refers to injuries of a psychological nature. This can include repeated acts of coercion, belittlement, purposeful embarrassment of a child, or isolation.
  • Physical abuse: While the most apparent form of physical abuse may be striking a child, the perceived threat of imminent physical violence may also constitute abuse.

The punishments for child abuse can be severe including time in prison and steep fines. A convict may also be barred from living or working in places that would place them in direct contact with children. Wisconsin takes accusations very seriously and even the failure to report abuse or the false reporting of abuse can be met with up to $1000 in fines and 6 months in jail. Each case will be unique and our attorneys can consult with you to help you understand the specific details of your case.

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If you have been accused of child abuse, do not waste any time in contacting the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella. Our lead Milwaukee criminal defense attorney is a former prosecutor who can draw upon more than 20 years of experience to stay one step ahead of the charges against you. At our firm, we work one-on-one with every client to see that no question goes unanswered. With so much on the line, you need the best criminal defense in your corner.

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