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Robbery Crimes

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney

Theft crimes are all defined by the willful taking of another’s property with no intention of giving it back. Robbery is theft that includes force, intimidation, or the presence of a deadly weapon. If you have been charged for committing robbery to any degree in Wisconsin, you must be aware that the potential penalties are severe.

If convicted, you may be sentenced with:

  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • More than a year in jail
  • Lengthy probation

Penalties will escalate depending on how much property was stolen or the circumstances of your alleged violent actions but all robbery charges are felonies unless extraneous details lessen the offense. Prepare yourself and your case right away with the help of Milwaukee Theft Crime Attorney Christopher J. Cherella.

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Defenses to Robbery Charges

Robbery is a serious accusation and the prosecution must make the jury or judge believe beyond a reasonable doubt that you did commit the crime and committed it exactly as you have been charged. Our criminal defense lawyer can exploit the specificity the prosecution needs in their case and use it to your advantage.

Potential defenses to your robbery charges include:

  • Mistaken identity: Historically, robberies most often occur in dark locations and by someone who has taken steps to disguise themselves. How certain are any witnesses that they person they saw was actually you?
  • No intimidation: Taking an item without trying to threaten or frighten someone is a crime but it is not robbery, and not a felony. If we can prove that you did nothing to intimidate the alleged victim, your charges could be significantly reduced.
  • No deadly weapon: Intimidation without a deadly or dangerous weapon, such as a firearm, knife, or bludgeon, used to steal something may be robbery but it is not armed robbery. Once again, this may be used to lessen your sentencing.

Get the Legal Help You Need

After being arrested for robbery, you are already being viewed in a negative light by the court. Our Milwaukee robbery attorney can help you rebalance the scales of justice by giving you the tools and defense necessary to obtain a fair trial and a fair chance.

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