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Witness Credibility in a Criminal Case


Witness credibility is highly important for criminal cases, as witnesses can present significant evidence during the trial. If you have a witness for your case, or the prosecutor is using a witness against you, it is imperative that they are considered credible for their testimony to be useful.

What Makes a Credible Witness?

A credible witness can greatly affect your case outcome. Here are some factors that boost a witness’s credibility:

  • Has first-hand knowledge of the case.
  • Is able to accurately state the facts.
  • Is consistent in re-telling their story.
  • Is confident and knowledgeable.
  • Has no emotional bias or personal interest in the case.
  • Have no prior criminal activity.

If a witness has a personal interest in the case, they may be considered biased and their credibility will be diminished. If possible, use a witness that stands to gain nothing from your trial. There is no reason to challenge a witness’s motive for testifying if they will not gain something from the testimony.

Why is Credibility Important?

Credibility is important because they can make or break your case. A good witness can influence the jury to their side. They may be the only source of critical information for your case. If the witness takes the stand to testify on your behalf, you will want to ensure they will be seen as credible. The jury will need to decide how credible your witness is, which can also influence the case.

Your criminal defense attorney can help you choose credible witnesses for your case, or determine a strategy to discredit the prosecution’s witnesses. At the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella, we offer the aggressive, experienced legal defense your case deserves. Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer is ready to protect your rights.

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