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What Crimes Qualify for Sex Offender Registration?


Sexual offenses in Wisconsin can fall into four different categories. Not all of them will require sex offender registration, but some might. These five categories range from a first-degree offense to a fourth-degree offense. If you are convicted of a sex crime, the court will determine your punishment based on the seriousness of the offense. If sex offender registration is required, it might be a status that lasts a lifetime.

Under Wisconsin Statute 301.45, sex offender registration is mandatory for conviction of some of the following crimes:

There are additional crimes that may require sex registration, but conviction will be based on the specifics of the case in question. Types of battery, false imprisonment, intimidation, stalking, lewd and lascivious behavior, solicitation, criminal trespassing, and more can carry sexual implications and motivations and could involve sex offender registration requirements.

Many sex offenses require that those convicted remain registered for 15 years after being discharged from probation, supervision, or parole. However, the most serious offenses require permanent registration, including the following crimes:

  • First- or second-degree sexual assault of an adult or child
  • Repeat acts with a child
  • Violent acts under Chapter 980 of the Wisconsin State Legislature
  • Acts with a child in substitute care
  • Two or more convictions of the same sexual offense

Registration as a sex offender, even for a shorter period of time, can lead to serious social consequences. The U.S. Department of Justice conducted a study of Wisconsin’s registered sex offenders and found that many reported losing their jobs, were denied housing, and experienced dissolved personal relationships because of their sex offender status. If you are accused of a sex crime, make sure you give yourself the best chance of keeping your rights and freedom. Talk to our experienced Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer today.

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