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What You Should Know Before You Pay Your Traffic Ticket


If you have ever received a traffic ticket, you know they are generally not cheap and will stay on your driving record, increasing the cost of your car insurance. Many of us want this whole ordeal to be over as soon as possible and will oftentimes simply pay the ticket fine and live with the consequences. However, this might not always be in your best interests. Remember, paying your traffic ticket is not the only option available to you and you should absolutely fight it if you believe it was unfairly issued.

Here is what you need to know before you decide to pay your traffic ticket:

  • Pleading “not guilty” to a citation in Wisconsin: To enter a not guilty plea, you have several different options, depending on whether you choose to enter your plea with the Wisconsin municipal court or circuit court that is in charge of your case. These options include entering your plea in person, by mail, online, by fax, or via email. Regardless of the method you ultimately choose, it is crucial that you notify the court of your decision on or before the arraignment date on your traffic ticket.
  • What it means to plead “not guilty”: Pleading not guilty to traffic charges means you will be able to exercise your legal right to stand before a judge and defend yourself against the charges levied against you. It also means that you will make the time to appear in court, could potentially face jail time if convicted of a serious charge, and suffer additional points on your record or the loss of driving privileges.
  • What happens when you receive a “not guilty” verdict: If you are found not guilty by a judge or jury, your traffic ticket will be dismissed, you will not have to pay any fines or penalties, points will not be added to your record, and your insurance rates will not spike as a result of it. Considering the penalties you could face if you enter a guilty verdict and accept the charges, fighting these charges is your only chance of remaining unscathed in the aftermath of receiving a traffic ticket.

When seeking the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, choose one with experience in handling such cases. A lot is often at stake under these circumstances, so do not gamble with your future and make sure you choose an attorney who will serve as your fierce legal advocate in court.

Milwaukee Traffic Violations Attorney

No matter what kind of traffic violation you are facing, the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella in Milwaukee can help you fight it. Violations can range in severity, but racking up too many points can result in a suspension of your license and increase the cost of your car insurance, which is why you should never take these charges lightly. Protect your privileges and reach out to us today!

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