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Can Selling Vape Cartridges Lead to Drug Crime Charges?


Nationwide, vaping devices have increased in popularity. They work by heating up and vaporizing a liquid that users can inhale. The liquid is housed in a container that, when empty, can be refilled with any substance. If a person puts an illicit drug in the pod and sells it, they could face criminal charges.

THC-Filled Pods

Recently, people have been injecting the pods with tetrahydrocannabinol liquid (THC). This substance is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. Vape devices allow users to discretely ingest THC in states where it isn’t yet legal. Wisconsin is one of those states.

The clandestine manner in which vapes allow THC to be smoked has opened up a market where individuals can sell a legitimate-looking product that contains an illegal drug. The sellers purchase empty cartridges online with labeling that suggests the item is filled with a vape flavor such as strawberry, mint, or watermelon. They then put a THC liquid in the pod and sell it to others.

Marijuana Is Still Unlawful in Some States

In places where THC is still illegal, selling a vape cartridge with the substance in it is a chargeable offense. In September of 2019, police arrested two brothers who were alleged to have been selling THC-laced cartridges to people in the area.

When officials entered the brothers’ home, they found 98,000 empty vape cartridges, $59,000 in cash, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Investigators were led to the two men after a high schooler’s parents took him to police because he was vaping. He told officials where he got his supplies from.

State and federal governments are cracking down on black market sales of vape cartridges, as hundreds of illnesses have been reported and are believed to stem from using vapes filled with altered liquid.

One of the brothers was charged with manufacturing, distributing and delivering marijuana. The other is facing allegations of being a felon in possession of a gun and possessing cocaine. As the investigation continues, he could be charged with other drug crimes as well.

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