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Courtroom Conduct Dos & Don’ts

Tips for Your Courtroom Experience

First impressions count, especially in court. Whether it’s your first or tenth time in the courtroom, it’s important to conduct yourself in a manner that complies with appropriate courtroom etiquette. Not only is this respectful, but it could portray you as someone who cares about putting their best foot forward. This could benefit your case because if you’re accused of a crime, a judge and jury may subconsciously portray you as a law-abiding and considerate citizen solely based on your conduct.

It is in your best interests to comply with the following courtroom etiquette tips:

  • Dress nicely
    • Business casual and conservative attire is best
  • Arrive on time
    • Aim to arrive early in case unexpected delays arise
  • Be polite and nonconfrontational with your words and body language
  • Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum
  • Turn off your cellphone
  • Don’t bring your children into court
  • Don’t interrupt anyone who’s talking
  • Stand when the judge enters and leaves the courtroom
  • Stand when you’re talking to the judge
  • Refer to the judge as “Your Honor”
  • Respond to attorneys with “Yes, Sir/Ma’am” and “No, Sir/Ma’am”

Why Proper Courtroom Conduct Matters

As mentioned earlier, courtroom conduct is important to members of the court as well as the outcome of your case. The way you present yourself can determine whether a judge thinks you’re careless or not. Further, good courtroom etiquette is respectful.

If you don’t show respect, you won’t earn respect. As such, the outcome of your case may be affected.

If you were to show up to court in ripped jeans and a casual t-shirt or cropped top, the judge and jury will form their internal opinions about your values, morals and beliefs solely on your attire. Or, if you chew gum during your hearing and interrupt people, a judge may find you disrespectful and could be less lenient on your penalties. You have more control over the future of your case than you may think, and it all begins with proper courtroom etiquette.

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