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Threats to Online Classrooms During COVID-19

What Is Zoom-bombing?

Zoom has helped hundreds of thousands of people stay connected during COVID-19. While the pandemic continues to threaten public health and safety, schools have utilized online learning to educate students from their homes. There is no clear answer about when schools and universities will return to in-person classes indefinitely, but until then, virtual classrooms are the new norm.

However, this new method of learning comes with a serious threat: ‘Zoom-bombing.’ This emerging cybercrime may seem funny and lighthearted to the people committing such acts, but the FBI says otherwise. The FBI reported that it received numerous reports of Zoom-bombing in people’s videoconferences; businesses, students and other groups are affected.

So, what is Zoom-bombing?

There is no official definition of this crime, but it simply refers to video teleconferencing hijacking. In this case, Zoom is the target, and its users are the victims. Zoom-bombing comes in many forms, many of which involve displays of:

  • Racial slurs
  • Pornographic and sexually explicit images and text
  • Misogynist language
  • Victims’ personal information
  • Vulgar, profane and insensitive content

While there are little to no alternatives to virtual classrooms at this time, Zoom-bombing may continue to put students and teachers in harm’s way. As such, the FBI is closely examining Zoom-bombers and working diligently to prosecute them. Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer understands that many Zoom-bombers view their actions as a lighthearted joke, but unfortunately, it can lead to criminal charges and penalties upon a conviction, which is no laughing matter.

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