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Alternatives to Driving on St. Patrick’s Day

friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Ways to Avoid Driving in Milwaukee on St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and residents throughout Milwaukee are getting ready for the lucky day. If you plan on celebrating the holiday this year, it’s important to plan appropriately. While you may be focused on what to wear, drink, eat, and play on St. Paddy’s Day, you should also consider how you’re getting home.

Safe transportation options are widely available in Milwaukee, so be sure to take advantage of them to avoid risking a DUI. Although planning safe rides may be the last thing on your mind, it is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your freedom, and your future.

The last thing you want is to get a not-so-lucky DUI charge on the luckiest of days, so explore the alternatives to driving in Milwaukee below!

Walking: If the party is walking distance, consider walking. Not only is it efficient and cheaper than getting an Uber or Lyft, but it’s doable. However, we wouldn’t recommend walking if your destination is too far.

Rideshare: Uber and Lyft are among the most popular rideshare options in the US. Milwaukee is no stranger to these transportation options, as they are reliable and easy to utilize. Use code VISITMKE for $10 off two Lyft rides!

Streetcar: The HOP streetcar operates in some of Milwaukee’s most popular neighborhoods and attractions. It starts at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station and loops through downtown. Download the HOP app or click here to learn more!

Ferry: A state-of-the-art auto/passenger transportation option, the ferry links riders from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan in just 2 hours. This option is faster and more direct than driving south around Lake Michigan through the Chicago area, so if you’re looking to get to Michigan for St. Patrick’s Day, this choice may be right for you.

Biking: While we don’t recommend biking while drunk, we do suggest biking to your destination if you don’t drink. If you do want to drink, however, you could use Milwaukee’s bike-share program, Bublr Bikes, to travel to your destination at least. That way, you don’t have to stress about leaving your bike somewhere and risk getting it stolen. Simply use your home pass to check out a bike and drop it off at the appropriate station.

Not to mention, all city buses in Milwaukee have a bike rack, giving you the power to decide how far you ride.

Public transportation: Buses run throughout Milwaukee, including shuttles to summertime lakefront events. This is a cheap and trusted alternative to driving that you and your friends could use.

RV: Want to camp? The Wisconsin State Fair Park is the only RV park in the city of Milwaukee, which includes various on-site services and sits close to the city’s top attractions.

Train: Hop on a train at the recently renovated Intermodal Station, which features 14 Amtrak departures every day between Chicago and Milwaukee and daily direct departures between Minneapolis/S. Paul. You can even get from Chicago to over 500 cities in the US, so explore the train schedule here.

We hope the information above helps you out. Unfortunately, following the tips above do not guarantee you will avoid a DUI accusation. If you got in trouble with the law, our criminal defense attorney can stand up for your rights and protect your freedom.

Let us know about your situation by reaching us online or at (414) 882-8382! Help is on the way.